Black Leaf Cigar Vaporizer
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Black Leaf Cigar Vaporizer

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Features To full description
Convection, Ceramic Heating Chamber
Only for Herbs
Integrated 2500mAh Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Micro USB Port
1 Year Guarantee
Product information "Black Leaf Cigar Vaporizer"
The first thing you notice about the 'Black Leaf' 'CIGAR' vaporizer is the spacious heating chamber, where up to 0.3g of dry herbs can fit in. By the way, the vaporizer has its name 'CIGAR' because of its shape - it's NOT an electronic cigar! Due to the form of the 'CIGAR' it fits well in the hand which is helpful for the uncomplicated one-hand/one-button control.

You can choose your favourite temperature degree by degree within the range of 302° F – 464° F (150° C – 240° C). After switching the device on you can watch the heating process on the digital display via real-time temperature. A timer indicates when the preset desired temperature is reached. In addition, the display informs about the charging status of the battery. Flashing LED light around the power button in the colours red and green also indicate, whether the device is heating up, charging or ready to start.

When the desired temperature is reached, a 5 minutes heating cycle or the 5-minute vape session begins. Of course, you can stop vaping before the 5 minutes have elapsed. Simply switch off the vaporizer. Otherwise, the 'CIGAR' automatically turns off after 5 minutes but a new vape session can be restarted directly. However, we recommend to take a rest after 2 vape cycles in succession, so that the device can cool down a bit! When the 2.500mAh lithium-ion battery which provides full vapor is fully charged, it will last for a total of 12 vape sessions when the chosen temperature is 355° F (179° C).

The 'CIGAR' looks really cool due to its aluminum cover. The mouthpiece is made of glass. So that the vaper can bring some variety in his vape experience, there is a water bubbler/percolator to put on the vaporizer. This provides additional bubble fun while vaping!

Scoop of supply:
  • 1pc ‘Black Leaf‘ ‘CIGAR‘ vaporizer
  • 1pc 2500mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • 1pc USB cable
  • 1pc water bubbler/percolator
  • 1pc glass mouthpiece
  • 1pc tweezers
  • 1pc cleaning brush
  • 1pc manual de, en, es, fr, it

  • Attention: Charging with mains adapter usual in trade with 5 Volt and at least 1000mA power output!

    Download electrical safety instructions-PDF
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    Black Leaf Cigar Vaporizer
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