The Hippie Pipe Hand Vaporizer Carbon-Rosewood
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The Hippie Pipe Hand Vaporizer Carbon-Rosewood

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Features To full description
Carbon, Rosenholz, Edelstahl
Brand label
The Hippie Logo
Konvektion, mechanisches System, Benutzung mit Feuerzeug
Brush, 2x Screen, 4x Sealing
Product information "The Hippie Pipe Hand Vaporizer Carbon-Rosewood"
Experience the Special, experience 'The Hippie' Vape Feeling

‘The Hippie' pipe is a mechanical vaporizer for herbs that fits in every pocket and is technically in no way inferior to its electronic relatives. And it is unbeatably easy to use. In addition, 'The Hippie' convinces by its simple and noble design with high-quality materials such as precious woods, stainless steel and carbon as well as with its perfect haptics and an even better draught, which even the most experienced vaporizers are enthusiastic about!

And this is how easy it is: By pressing the mouthpiece, the heating chamber is moved out. You then fill it with your favorite herbs (do not stuff too tightly!). By releasing the mouthpiece the heating chamber closes again. Now heat the heating chamber from outside with a jet burner. Practically there is an indicator slit which opens as soon as the ideal vaporization temperature of approx. 356° F (180° C) is reached. This way, the user no longer has to guess whether he has reached the right temperature or not. Once the indicator slot is open, the user can start enjoying the steam hits - discreetly, stylishly and with wow! effect! Be free, be high - 'The Hippie'!

If you want to do another vape session, just press the mouthpiece again - heating chamber moves out, can be easily emptied and refilled, release mouthpiece, heat heating chamber until the indicator slit opens - and on you go again! Here are the advantages of 'The Hippie' again at a glance:
- absolutely easy handling
- fast filling and emptying
- indicator slot shows that the optimum evaporating temperature has been reached
- no overheating possible
- independent from electricity supply
- stylish look and noble materials
- discreet, small and perfect for travel
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