Vaporizer 1 – Introduction, History and Types

What are Vaporizers and for what are they used?

Vaporizers are devices that vaporize their contents, either plant material or plant extract. With vaporizing, the harmful substances that occur with burning are not present. It is because of this vaporizers are much more prevalent in Medical use. They are extremely useful for people either undergoing anaesthesia or with respiratory tract disease when administering for example anaesthetics. With the legalisation of Cannabis for medical use vaporizers have become an interesting option. They enable the use of substances without having to smoke them. They also permit a very precise dosage to be administered. Vaporizers are enjoying increasing popularity due to the reduced smell and the discrete way they can be used. Other medicinal herbs may also be vaporized and as such vaporizers are developing into a lifestyle product.


Which types of vaporizer are available? 

Vaporizers are devices that vaporize their contents, either plant material or plant extract. With vaporizing, the harmful substances that occur with burning are not present. It is because of this vaporizers are much more prevalent in Medical use. vapo-glass

Electrical vaporizers use electricity to control the vaporization of the substance. As such they are more temperature controllable. This description concerns itself only with these models. They are available on the market in many different forms and have the most varied usability. 


Which vaporizer form is for which use most apt.

One describes stationary (table vaporizers) and mobile models (pocket, handheld or pen vaporizers.)

For Medical use, where often larger amounts of a substance over a longer time needs to be inhaled, table vaporizers are recommended. They use a constant electrical supply, are quite exact to adjust, generally have many attachments and are simple to use. For those who are interested in the subject of Phyto inhalation, the vaporization of herbs or medicinal herbs, a table vaporizer is a good choice.


Pocket vaporizers come in innumerable variations and facilities from known and perhaps less well known manufacturers. Those available in Black Leaf Online Shop form a range of recommended products that have all been tested by us. The advantage of these products is their handiness. Pocket vaporizers are from their very name, portable. Depending upon the construction, herbs, concentrates or even liquids allow themselves to be vaporized. With simple devices different temperature ranges are available to vaporize. The more upmarket products allow continuous temperature variability. With this it is thus possible even with the mobile vaporizers to release specific chemicals at particular temperatures from the plant. Even individual Cannabinoids from Marijuana may be set free. Which ingredient at which temperature from different plants vaporize may be found in the Academy presentation Vaporizer 2 – the game with the temperatures.

And this brings us to the next question.

How does a vaporizer work? Which technical processes to vaporize are there?

One differentiates between two different processes to vaporize the plant chemicals, conduction or convection. With conduction the carrier that supports the plant material is heated and through that the plant material vaporized. The vapour can then be inhaled. With incorrect use the plant material can through conduction oxidise and burn. This can be recognised by a black residue. If this happens then the same harmful substances will be inhaled as if smoking.

Primarily for this reason convection is seen as the softer and better option. With convection, heated air is passed into the herb chamber and vaporization then follows. Oxidation is then prevented.

What advantages do vaporisers have?

Compared with smoking devices vaporizers offer five distinct advantages.

  • Less pollutants
  • More active ingredients consumed
  • Lower material consumption
  • Wider spectrum of use
  • Unobtrusive use

Fewer pollutants: Despite common knowledge, the smoking of Marijuana is more harmful than the imbibing of tobacco. Not because Marijuana has more harmful components rather because one inhales deeper and holds the smoke for a much longer time in the lungs. Through this is for the Marijuana user a triple loading of pollutants such as tar and carbon monoxide than cigarette smokers.

Pollutant load can be completely avoided through vaporization. In addition to this in Marijuana smoke over 100 poisonous substances have been identified. These have not been found in vapour.

This makes vaporization whilst not exactly the most healthy of occupations certainly one with much less harm.

More active ingredients: The estimates of how much more active ingredients is released vary between two and four times to that of smoking the plant, depending upon who organised the research. We cannot here be more precise but we can at least say that vaporization sets much more active compounds free than smoking. It is also noted that vaporization allows specific cannabinoids to be set free at different temperatures and therefore the vapour acts differently. THC is strongly psychoactive and is released at 157º whereas CBD at over 170º. Set the vaporizer at over 180º so both THC and CBN(CBD) are set free, but CBN(CBD) reduces the efficacy of THC.

Lower Material Consumption: Due to a greater amount of the active material being released a lower amount of plant material is necessary than if smoking.

Wider spectrum of use: Next to the described usage here the vaporizer is also used for Phyto inhalation or even for boiling.

Under Phyto inhalation is understood, the vaporization of herbs and medicinal herbs. This usage area is enjoying increasing popularity. Just about every medicinal herb may be vaporized. With this one must note that almost every active ingredient vaporizes at a different temperature. An exhaustive description of every plant that one can vaporize (i.e. Camomile, Sage or Henbane) or the ones that one should not vaporize (Tobacco) can be found in Academy comment Vaporizer 2

But the possibilities with vaporizers are not yet exhausted, In the USA Michelin-Starred chefs use vaporizers to enhance the aroma of certain dishes.

And now we come to the last great advantage that vaporizers have over smoking devices:

Discrete use. Vaporizers produce vapour, not smoke and with this much less treacherous smells. This allows for very discrete use of these devices even in public places.

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