Black Leaf Doobie Vaporizer black
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Black Leaf Doobie Vaporizer black

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Brand label
Black Leaf Doobie Logo
Ceramic, Heating Element with Bio-Cotton
Only for (CBD-)Liquid
Integrated 650mA/h Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Battery, Micro-USB Port
2 Years Warranty
Product information "Black Leaf Doobie Vaporizer black"
The DOOBIE of Black Leaf is a vaporizer specially developed for the vaporization of CBD liquids. This method of consumption is optimal for the uptake of CBD because this way enough CBD without intermediate stations (such as liver and digestive system when taken orally) enters the bloodstream to develop its effect. So the bioavailability of CBD is more than tripled compared to oral intake. It also gets activated faster.

Since most vaporizers are not suitable for this type of liquids (Attention: Only use CBD liquids or CBD-containing e-liquids, NO plant-based CBD oil!), there is now the DOOBIE. The very small and handy CBD vaporizer fits into any trouser or jacket pocket and can be discretely used in public.

It is easy to use: Simply turn on the device 5 times by pressing the single button, keep the button pressed and inhale the CBD. Once the button is released, the evaporation stops. The liquid cartridge is filled quickly, too, (use a liquid bottle with a very narrow dropper tip or use a small pipette) and sits safe in the vaporizer by a magnet and a threaded connection. The rubber seals also make the cartridge leak-proof. For further safety the DOOBIE has an over- and discharge protection as well as a short circuit protection. The battery is charged via USB cable and lasts fully charged for about 30 minutes. This corresponds to about 80-100 draws. So the ‘Doobie’ is the perfect companion on the go!

Scope of supply:
  • 1pc ‘Black Leaf‘ ‘DOOBIE‘ vaporizer
  • 1pc USB cable
  • 2pc cartridges with mouthpieces
  • 1pc user manual de, en

  • Download electrical safety instructions-PDF
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