Black Leaf X EHLE. Special Edition DRAGON
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Black Leaf X EHLE. Special Edition DRAGON

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Features To full description
Numbered special Edition
Borosilicate Glass
clear/sea green
Brand label
Black Leaf x EHLE. Logo
Eigenschaft MO
Standard cut
SG 2x19 (18,8mm)
Percolator / Diffuser
Ice cooling
Hole Diffuser Chillum L 125mm
Product information "Black Leaf X EHLE. Special Edition DRAGON"
2024 - the year of the dragon. And so this year the special edition bong 2024 from Black Leaf® X EHLE.® with only 10 specimens is: the DRAGON bong with engraved edition number! These are available in two variations. This is the larger cylinder icebong.

✔️ Plug-in system bowl & hole diffuser-chillum

✔️ The very best quality of German glassblowing

✔️ Exquisite design with sandblasted dragon & logos also on the bowl & bong base

✔️ Strictly limited collector's item, only 10 pieces in total

✔️ With certificate

The curved design in the lower draw tube (the so-called E.Motion cylinder) gives this magnificent icebong a nice grip. The herb bowl which also features a sandblasted dragon, has a large capacity and a large opening. We recommend screens with article number 440506, or 441805. The perforated diffuser swirls the air powerfully and makes the water bubble. So the smoke is filtered and pleasantly cooled. The kick hole provides the right flash by the final hit!

Incidentally, the element wood is assigned to the dragon of 2024. This is seen as the personification of growth and development. And stands for a positive new life associated with the blossoming of nature which is symbolized by the colour green. Blossom? Green? That brings us back full circle to our favourite plant!
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