Bubble Bags Standard 4 Extractor Bags 25µ-220µ
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Bubble Bags Standard 4 Extractor Bags 25µ-220µ

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Eigenschaft GR
Mesh Widths 25µ, 73µ, 160µ, 220µ
Eigenschaft Q
100-200 uses possible
2x Blotting Screen
PU 4 Bags a 19 Liters
Product information "Bubble Bags Standard 4 Extractor Bags 25µ-220µ"
Bubble Bags™ 'Standard' 4 extraction bags set are professional quality, medium duty 19 liters nylon bags. They are a good choice for the home user looking for a high quality extraction bag:

✔️ Top quality precision heat pressed German monofilament polyester screen

✔️ Strong triple stitched nylon thread

✔️ 5 year manufacturer's warranty against manufacturer's defects - expected lifespan of 100 to 200 uses with proper care

✔️ Processing up to 200 grams (dry weight) of plant material at a time possible

The set comes with 2 blotting screens in a light fabric carry pouch. The blotting screen is a 25 micron screen used to gently blot excess water from the herbal extract, using a clean cloth to absorb the moisture.

The Bubble Bags™ 'Standard' 4 bag set contains a variety of different sized screens to separate the herbal extract according to the size of the crystals or glandular heads of the plant. It contains a work bag, one contaminant removal bag, and two crystal collection bags. With very high quality plant material, you might find Full Melt Bubble in the 73 micron bag. The 4 bag set is a good option for people who simply want a reasonably priced and durable set.

Micron sizes:
  • 220 micron bag | Blue | work bag
  • 160 micron bag | Red | contaminant removal bag (food grade/low quality)
  • 73 micron bag | Yellow | crystal collection bag (prime quality)
  • 25 micron bag | Purple | crystal collection bag (food grade/low quality)

  • 'The Originals' made in Canada by Bubbleman!

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