JIBBI Premium Activated Charcoal Filters conical
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JIBBI Premium Activated Charcoal Filters conical

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Bio-Plastic, Activated Charcoal
PU 1x50pcs in a Bag
Product information "JIBBI Premium Activated Charcoal Filters conical"
Yes, the trend continues - activated charcoal filters are still extremely popular. No wonder, as the smoke tastes much milder, more aromatic and also cooler without a large number of harmful substances. So much more pleasant, with the same effect!

Thanks to constant improvements and new creations of activated carbon filters, the problems from the early days, such as fierce draw resistance, are now a thing of the past. But there is always room for improvement, as the recyclable JIBBI activated carbon filters prove:

✔️ High-quality bioplastic for sustainability

✔️ Removable ceramic cap for replacing the activated carbon

✔️ Biodegradable & compostable

✔️ No clogging of the filters or inhalation of coal dust

✔️ Maximum enjoyment & practical design

The conical JIBBI premium activated charcoal filters are made of bioplastic, which means they are 100% biodegradable and compostable. The wider side, which is rolled inwards, is fitted with a ceramic cap that can be removed. This allows the used activated carbon to be removed and replaced with fresh activated carbon. And the filter can be used several times. This is how sustainability is written in capital letters!

The conical shape makes it easier to roll shapely doobies, and the filter does not fall out when smoking. The coconut-based activated charcoal used in the JIBBI filters is extra round. This prevents the build-up of pieces of activated charcoal and harmful activated charcoal dust. This in turn means less clogging, better flavour and no unhealthy activated charcoal dust.
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