Oil Black Leaf Extractor Size S
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Oil Black Leaf Extractor Size S

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Features To full description
Stainless Steel, Silicone Protection
Brand label
Oil Black Leaf Logo
L 230mm
27mm inside
For ca. 24g Material
Do not overfill or pack tightly! The use of the Extractor is at your own risk!
Product information "Oil Black Leaf Extractor Size S"
Dabbing is becoming more and more popular, but unfortunately, there are not that many countries in the world today where the needed concentrates like oil or wax are ready to buy. With this extractor from Oil Black Leaf, Ganjapreneurs can quickly and easily extract the finest oils and potent concentrates from flowers and other plant material (e.g. leaf waste). The Oil Black Leaf’ extractor works by using butane gas. However, we recommend the use of D.M.E. (Dimethyl Ether) as it is less explosive, non-toxic and much more efficient.

Extraction should only be done outdoors or in very well-ventilated areas and away from all heat sources. Extraction is as easy as that:

Fill the extraction container loosely with well-dried and minced plant material. Close it while the rubber ring provides the necessary seal. Place the can of Butane gas or D.M.E. nipple in the in the little hole (opposite end of the screen), and let the solvent stream into the extractor. Soon the liquid extract starts to run out on the other side, filtered through the replaceable screen. Don’t forget to place a sufficiently large and temperature-resistant bowl, which is ideally also non-sticky, beneath. After about 24 hours, the precious concentrate can be scraped off.

Due to this kind of extraction, the extraction container becomes extremely cold and usually requires the wearing of protective gloves. The Oil Black Leaf extractor is therefore covered with a non-skid protective silicone cover. However, we strongly recommend for safety reasons to wear protective glasses during the whole process! When the gas can is completely emptied, the person who extracts should wait at least 30 seconds before removing the empty can from the extractor. For cleaning, first remove any remaining plant material from the extractor and then clean it in the dishwasher.

And do not forget: 7.10h - Its Dabbing Time!
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