BREIT ZickZack Bong with Diffuser Chillum
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BREIT ZickZack Bong with Diffuser Chillum

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Features Zur vollständigen Beschreibung
Borosilicate Glass
Various Colours
Breit Logo
SG 19/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm)
Perkolator / Diffusor
Slit Diffuser Chillum L 122mm
Spare Part ED712-12
Product information "BREIT ZickZack Bong with Diffuser Chillum"
The ZigZag bong from BREIT® has a plug-in system with slit diffuser chillum and a funnel bowl for herbs. The diffuser chillum makes the bong water bubble when inhaling which in turn cools and filters the smoke.

✔️ Diffuser chillum for smoke cooling

✔️ Easy to grip and robust

✔️ Also good for dabbing

The lift-off bowl has a small passage. A screen is not absolutely necessary. If a screen is required, we recommend screens with the article numbers 440511-100, or 440528. The easy-grip bong made of borosilicate glass is also ideal for smoking extracts such as wax and oil. Simply replace the herb bowl with a matching oil nail or oil banger (SG 14) - done, the dab rig is ready!
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