PUFFCO New Peak Pro Concentrate Vaporizer
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PUFFCO New Peak Pro Concentrate Vaporizer

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Brand label
For Concentrates
Integrated 1700mA/h Accu, USB-C
Configurable via app
Product information "PUFFCO New Peak Pro Concentrate Vaporizer"
With the NEW PEAK PRO vaporizer for extracts, PUFFCO is once again raising the bar for e-dab rigs. Every single component of the popular PEAK PRO has been completely revised and optimized, resulting in a completely new vaporizer that more than meets all the requirements of an electric dab rig. Its features:

✔️ Precise temperature control

✔️ 3D atomizer now as standard: faster, more constant, more even & more efficient heating with always optimum flavour

✔️ Bluetooth function

✔️ App for temperature feedback in real time

✔️ App with additional useful functions & modes for a perfect dab experience

✔️ More capacity for water = more smoke filtration

✔️ Longer battery life for extensive vapour sessions

✔️ Haptic & LED feedback

✔️ User-friendly design, easy cleaning & maintenance

✔️ Percolator in the glass bubbler for smoke cooling & perforated joystick carb cap

✔️ High-quality materials & cool look

The NEW PEAK PRO has four preset temperature levels of 489,2° F (blue), 510,8° F (green), 528,8° F (red) and 545° F (white). All temperature levels can be pimped during the session with the boost mode (temperature increase) and the intensity mode (more intensive vapour production). But no matter which temperature or mode you choose, the real-time temperature control ensures that the vapour always tastes fresh, delicious and aromatic, even at the highest setting!

The glass bubbler not only has a larger capacity for more water and therefore better filtration, but it is also more robust. In addition, it now has five (instead of two) laser-cut air holes at the base, through which more air flows into the bubbler's swirl-shaped grooves. This percolator cools the vapour down further.

The USB C charging port is located on the base. Charging with a power dock is also possible, but this is not included in the scope of delivery. There is an illuminated ring on the underside and LEDs under the bubbler, which together indicate the device status and heat settings.

The now standard 3D atomizer consists of just one piece this time and is much more durable. It only takes a quarter turn to connect the atomizer to the base. The joystick carb cap also allows the airflow to be directed into the corners of the heating chamber to achieve complete vaporization. The carb cap is called joystick because it feels like a gaming controller. The four air openings further increase the air flow. The 3D chamber has a built-in sensor that stabilizes the temperature if the draw is too strong or a very large amount of wax or similar has been poured in. The new sensor makes adjustments with faster feedback loops to always keep you at the right temperature. This makes every dab session with the NEW PEAK PRO from PUFFCO a real pleasure! br>
Scope of supply:
  • 1pc Peak Pro dab rig base
  • 1pc 3D atomizer
  • 1pc USB C cable
  • 1pc Water chamber/bubbler made of borosilicate glass
  • 1pc joystick carb cap
  • 1pc dabber
  • 1pc transport case
  • 5pc dual tool
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