Black Leaf Dooor Alu Grinder 3-part w. Ejection
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Black Leaf Dooor Alu Grinder 3-part w. Ejection

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Various Colours
Brand label
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Diamond-cut Teeth
With Ejection Function
Spare Parts 501009
Product information "Black Leaf Dooor Alu Grinder 3-part w. Ejection"
The 3-part DOOOR aluminum grinder from Black Leaf® has, as the name implies, a door! Or rather, a front hatchway, secured with a magnet. Simply open and pour out the ground herbs. So the user does not have to screw the grinder again to open it for emptying. However, he has to when he wants to get the precious pollen from the soil chamber that was previously pressed through the pollen screen. The enclosed spatula will help him with this.

The lid and grinder are held together by a strong magnet. In the grinder, optimally arranged, sharp diamond-cut ground teeth ensure that even harder herbs are thoroughly crushed. The sliding ring makes it easy to turn the mill back and forth while avoiding abrasion.

Note: Never clean or scrape aluminum grinders with sharp objects. For cleaning, use alcohol or a special grinder cleaner.
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